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Why Traveling Bikinis Retreats?

Brought to you by That Blonde Bikini Girl, The Traveling Bikinis Retreats offers carefully designed, all-female, adventure meets relaxation travel tours and community-building retreats for the adventurous female traveler. Focused on creating life-changing experiences by connecting like-minded females from around the world in some of the biggest bucket list destinations on Earth! Our budget-friendly style provides a care-free environment where you can relax and soak in a new destination stress-free alongside your experienced host - Paige. With the promise that you will have exceptional photos throughout your entire trip to prove it! Hello, Social Media Spam!

Paige, the founder of That Blonde Bikini Girl & The Traveling Bikinis Retreats, is excited to announce two new locations in her favourite destinations on Earth. Fiji, Bali & Croatia after her first retreat to Bali in April 2019 it’s was a no-brainer that, we needed to do this one again! With travel experiences in over 30 countries around the world, Paige has had the opportunity to discover the best trips for women and is excited to share them with you!

If you’re a woman ready to explore the world and travel more, or maybe, you already are a worldly woman… hungry for your next adventure? I hear you. It’s time to escape your work life and remember what it feels like to feel alive! If you’re here, reading this now, you know travel is 100% worth the investment.

 It’s time to start counting down the days for your next adventure around the world. No more saying “next year, when my friend can come , when I have more vacation days.” We were not born to just pay bills and die. Now is your time.