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You know how much it sucks when you want someone to take a picture of you, and they don’t want to… even worse… they take one, and you don’t like it [what a disappointment] This will NOT that trip. Paige will ensure you get all of the photos you heart ever imagined, your gram will be on fire during and after this trip! You will have all the photos to prove how incredible it really was. We promise you this.

Just Check out a traveling bikini’s Instagram from our previous Retreat to Bali. - Shannon

Croatia Retreat Full Payment

Croatia Retreat Full Payment


$2655 CAD


We’ll spend 10 days exploring the most amazing parts of Croatia… Split, Dubrovnik, Brac, Hvar just to name a few… Hello, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches & crystal blue shoes. There is no place in Europe quite like Croatia.

Secure your spot with this initial payment and remaining paid with 90 days after.

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